Monday, 2 February 2015

Going to Junkanoo? These 6 tips will go a long way:

1. Research Junkanoo before you go - Junkanoo has a long storied history - you will most definitely enjoy the festival more if you know what Junkanoo is and how it came to be!  The Junkanoo museum (Delancy Street downtown) is a perfect place to start.

2. Be sure to talk with locals at the festival - Most Bahamians are proud to give their perspective and opinions on Junkanoo and the groups involved and they are bound to teach you something about Junkanoo or The Bahamas.

3. Sleep on New Year’s Eve! - Junkanoo goes from 2am to 10am on New Year's Day, so getting some sleep the day prior is a must if you want to stay awake for those awesome 6am performances, which are fantastic!!!

4. The ticket office is difficult to find - Be sure to ask a local for directions, or take a taxi, this will eliminate the frustration of finding it on your own.

5. Bring something soft to sit on - The bleachers can get pretty uncomfortable after a few hours.

6. The Rawson Square ticket is worth the money - There are plenty of options for seating at different price ranges.  The Rawson Square tickets are worth the money as these seats provide the best view of the festivities and the Junkanoo groups seem to step up their game as they pass Rawson Square.  Also, the Rawson Square seats are close to the restrooms and the food/drink vendors.


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