Monday, 2 February 2015

Imani Finley: What I learned from the course

This Event Management & Marketing course served as a great learning experience of the different components required in visitor satisfaction. It’s never easy to fully understand what a visitor or customer experiences until you physically place yourself in their position. Having the opportunity to evaluate through mystery shopping, customer service at a restaurant and visitor experience at the Junkanoo festival, taught me all of the important elements needed in order to meet a person’s expectations. Now when conducting a form of service or planning an event, I am better equipped with the skills necessary to accurately prioritize my tasks and responsibilities in order to provide someone with an extraordinary experience. Some of the important factors that I’ve learned from this course are timing, delivery, accommodations, presentation and communication. In each activity we encountered completely different experiences, which produced different emotions, but either way I’ve learned there’s a standard of service that should be held regardless of the environment.

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