Monday, 2 February 2015

The Power of Hindsight

Get some rest:  You’re going to need it.  Especially for the New Year’s Eve parade.  The parade doesn’t actually get going until about 3am finishing around 11am.  I don’t care what kind of a night person you are.  Come 6 or 7, you’re going to start feeling it. Try and sneak a long nap during the day.

Get tickets prior in advance:  There is really only one way to get tickets, and that is a very seedy looking, dark, unmarked box office in downtown Nassau.  The line to get tickets on the evening of the parade can be very long so head downtown a few days early and pick up your tickets.  You’ll avoid the crowd and save an hour or so.

No comparisons:  If you try to compare this Mardi-Gras or Carnival, you’ll waste your time.  This is a different celebration with different roots.  Do a little research to discover the true origins of Junkanoo and embrace it for what it is.

Put the camera down: Trust me, I know how tempting it is.  But in order to truly experience Junkanoo, you need to be on your feet with dancing with hands in the air.  The costumes are so grand and intricate that most cameras won’t do them justice anyway.

Map it out ahead of time:  Know how to make a quick exit.  Signage and markings are almost non-existent and before you know it you’ll end up in a fenced in dead end.  Know where the cabs are. And preferably stay in a group.  Remember, your still in an economically struggling downtown area in the middle of the night. The usual riff raff are out and about.

Come prepared:  A roll of toilet paper, little bottle of hand sanitizer are two of the must brings.  Port-johns are well located but not well equipped.

Don't worry about going hungry:  They have that very well covered.  Wings, fries, conch fritters, plantains, beer, you know, your typical fair fare, but with a Bahamian twist.

Seriously, get some rest: You don’t want to be that person (me) nodding off in the bleachers.   

-Andres Arce

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