Monday, 2 February 2015

Pin Yi-- What I learned from the course

The course provided a great opportunity to learn and apply event management and marketing skills. We participated in the Junkanoo Parade as visitors, but we managed and analyzed our experience with different methods.

One of the participant observational methods is service mapping. Basically, it consists of four components: physical evidence, customer actions, visible staff contacts and management processes. It is a practical tool and provides detailed insights about the service.

Besides, mystery shopping was another useful method. During this course, I experienced mystery shopping twice--one is for a restaurant and the other is for the festival. Before doing mystery shopping, an evaluation form should be developed. The evaluation form includes different respects of service and would be rated according to the actual performance. Based on the results, we can establish Importance-Performance Analysis. It is an easily understood way to organize information about the attributes of service and provide effective strategies to set priorities for potential change.

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