Monday, 2 February 2015

Imani Finley: EXPLORE!!!

When traveling to a new location you’ve never visited before, there are certain aspects of the culture every traveler must explore. Particularly in the Bahamas, I highly recommend a first time visitor to try different types of food and visit the family islands if possible. Like most Caribbean islands, the Bahamas have numerous seafood dishes. They are known for Conch, which can be prepared in many different ways. While there I tried “Crack Conch” (fried), “Conch Fritters (inside dough batter similar to hush puppies), and “Conch Salad” (raw, mixed with onions and peppers).  As well I had many delicious meals of the fish grouper.  Exploring the cultural dishes is a great way for you to experience meals you may never encounter in your home country, while learning more about the Bahamian lifestyle. In addition, if you have the opportunity to travel to the family islands, definitely take full advantage.  I highly recommend visiting Eleuthera if you are seeking a relaxing island that is peaceful but still offer tourist options such as sight seeing of popular landmarks.

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