Monday, 2 February 2015

Pin Yi--The Junkanoo experience

The experience of Junkanoo parade on New Year’s Day was very impressive and exclusive for me. In other words, it was more than a cultural festival. I also made some fresh attempts during the festival that were truly memorable.

In terms of the performance of Junkanoo, I would definitely give high evaluations on costumes, music and friendly staff. The parades were characterized by spectacular costumes made of crepe paper and masks consist of colored cloth and leather. Moreover, as the Junkanoo parade was performed by different groups, their costumes showed different themes from others. Besides, parade participants were accompanied by powerful rhythms beaten traditionally on drums, cowbells, horns, whistles, conch shells and other traditional instruments. The live music had a power, which made all audiences dance automatically.
Apart from the performance, professional staff would be another key factor to the success of Junkanoo. The staff were friendly and helpful. They were always energetic to greet everyone and were patient to answer the questions anytime.

Personally, the Junkanoo experience was memorable for several reasons: first of all, it was my first time to dance in front of live broadcast. Plus, it was a totally fresh experience for me to participate in an event the whole night. I believe it would be the most unforgettable way to welcome the golden sun of New Year. Although it was kind of drowsy and tired, I absolutely enjoyed the festival and had a lot of fun.

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