Monday, 2 February 2015

Junkanoo - What I learned...

I was recently lucky enough to take a course in The Bahamas where we learned how to evaluate and analyze an event from a management and marketing perspective.

I learned how important it is for an event to have a strong and current presence online through websites and through social media.  These marketing venues are so valuable for today’s customers.  A weak online presence can immediately take a business or an event out of consideration, especially for an international tourist.  It is increasingly important to make the right information easily accessible on the web.

I also learned that creative, and mutually beneficial partnerships between hotels and other tourism business at a destination are fantastic opportunities to market.

I also learned that customer service is extremely important because personal interactions are what really trigger a customer’s emotions (both positive and negative).  A customer’s emotions are the key to customer satisfaction, and customer service is what drives those emotions.


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